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2023 Bright Research Year In Review

by Andrea Fenton Abbs

In a recent conversation with a new business contact, I shared what made Bright special, why we’re so optimistic about our future and why we excel at culture, employee retention, and repeat business. It was an easy conversation to have because it was authentic, and afterward I realized I had touched on many of the points in my “Building a Sustainable Bright Future” blog from January 2023. I thought it would be fun in this month’s blog to check back on those points and recap our best year ever!

featured insight

2023 Bright Research Year in Review

Featured Success Story

Executing a New Literature Review Saved One Company 3 Years and $2 Million 

A medical device company’s post-approval study launch had been stalled for so long that continued FDA approval for their product was at risk. Furthermore, the company’s planned post-approval study, which aimed to monitor the long–term safety of their medical device, required a lengthy, five-year follow-up – and thus a large consumption of resources. Bright Research was brought in to help. 

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Bright’s Scott Brown and Dylan Lukes are back from #ISC2024, the world’s premier conference for stroke research and treatment. These two are passionate about clinical research and improving patient lives through statistically meaningful clinical studies.

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